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What is “Remember a Charity in your Will” Week?

Next week is Remember a Charity week

If you’re a regular tweeter, or a fan of Facebook, you might have noticed that next week from 11th – 18th September is “Remember a Charity in your Will” week. Organised by Remember a Charity, it’s a vital period of awareness-raising around leaving a gift in your will to a cause close to your heart.

Why is Remember a Charity Week important?

Did you know that less than 40% of people die without having made a will? If even a small percentage of people who are able to make a will and choose to leave a gift to charity, imagine the difference they could collectively make!

This year the theme of Remember a Charity week is “having your say” on the world you’d like to pass on, because that’s exactly what a legacy gift is a chance to do. It’s your opportunity to leave behind a gift that can make a positive impact on the lives of others and the world around us.

The difference you’ll make will be immeasurable

By leaving a donation in your will you’ll help us work towards our ultimate aim of curing leukaemia. With your gift you’ll be investing in the next generation of blood cancer research talent. These incredible scientists and clinicians are working hard to translate research into new treatments as quickly as possible, so that patients can live better, longer lives. Download our latest annual review for more brilliant examples of how your money will help those with leukaemia and other blood cancers.

Making a will is easy

Creating a will is not as time consuming as you may think. We have a detailed guide of how to leave a legacy in your will on our Leaving a Legacy page. On it we take you through the different types of gifts you can leave, the ways to calculate the amount you wish to donate, how to find a solicitor, and the wording you will need to leave either a residuary or pecuniary gift.

Plus, we can offer you a fantastic 50% discount on creating your will with Farewill – to take advantage of this offer, simply email us and we will send you your personal discount code.

What things would you like to pass on to the world? Have your say, and leave a gift in your will to Leuka.

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