Project Grants

Funding novel research proposals that have the potential to advance our understanding of leukaemia and other blood cancers, in order to improve diagnosis and/or treatment of the cancer.

Our Project Grants are a new funding award created in 2017.

Our Project Grants are a new funding stream for senior researchers.

We recognised that the haematoncology research community needed funding for project grants. The awards were developed with three main emphases:

  • Potential for advancement in the fundamental understanding of leukaemia, other blood cancers or related diseases or improvement in diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Novelty of the research project
  • Potential for high scientific and/or clinical impact.

Applications were invited from established research group leaders, senior clinician scientists and/or senior research scientists with an outstanding research track record from across the UK. The awards will be funding experienced researchers and their teams over a three-year duration.

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