Research policy


what WE fund

Leuka invites researchers from institutions across the UK to submit applications for any type of research relevant to leukaemia and related disorders.

We aim to support original and innovative research which will benefit those patients who are affected by these conditions. We are, therefore, keen to encourage research aimed at translating scientific advances into clinical practice.

Independent peer review is an integral part of the decision-making process when awarding funding. All grant applications will be assessed by world-class researchers and experts, whose views and opinions inform our decision-making.

Grant applications are reviewed by at least three experts from our Independent Scientific Panel and two external reviewers in accordance with our Peer Review Policy. The reviewers will assess applications for their relevance, quality and feasibility in order to make recommendations for funding.

Leuka implements a policy on Conflicts of Interest, whereby all panel members and reviewers are asked to declare any conflicts they may have with the application or applicant/s, in order that these are properly managed in line with impartiality standards.

Leuka’s Independent Scientific Panel members make their recommendations to Leuka’s Board of Trustees who make the final decisions on which applications will be approved for funding.

Our policy on the Use of Animals in Research ensures that we fund proposals only where there is no alternative and that fully comply with legal requirements and animal welfare guidelines. We understand the need for animals in research and that sometimes it is necessary to advance the understanding of diseases, such as leukaemia.

Leuka receives no government funding and the grants we make are dependent on the generosity of the general public, corporate and other donors, and the charity’s fundraising events.