Our 2018 John Goldman Fellows

04th October 2018

We are delighted to introduce you (our supporters) to the latest members of the Leuka research family. This year, thanks to your donations, Leuka are able to back the research projects of these four fantastic leukaemia researchers via the John Goldman Fellowship for Future Science.

Our new Fellows for 2018 are  - Dr Adam Linley, University of Liverpool; Dr Antonio Galleu, King's College, London;  Dr Alice Giustacchini, University College London; and Dr Sarah Dimeloe, University of Birmingham.

John Goldman Fellows 2018 - Adam and Alice

Dr Alice Giustacchini is looking at metabolic features of cells in a bid to find out how to prevent them turning cancerous and to reduce resistance to treatment - this may lead to the development of new strategies for leukaemia eradication and prevention.

Dr Adam Linley is investigating why people with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) so often develop resistance to current treatment therapies, resulting in relapse.

John Goldman Fellows 2018 - Sarah and Antonio

Dr Antonio Galleu's work is targeted at Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), and improving the success of treatment of this condition which is a possible complication of a bone marrow or stem cell transplant from another person.

Dr Sarah Dimeloe will be undertaking research focused on multiple myeloma (MM), a cancer which develops in the bone marrow, is difficult to treat and has poor survival rates. She hopes to alter a patient's own T-Cells (immune cells) to destroy the cancer as efficiently as possible. 

Find out more about our 2018 Fellows here.

What is the John Goldman Fellowship for Future Science?

These awards were created in honour of the late Professor John Goldman (1938-2013), Leuka’s founding Chairman and a world-renowned haematologist. He was a pioneer in the treatment of leukaemia, and believed in nurturing the next generation of scientific talent in the early stages of their careers.

It takes time to make scientific discoveries. That’s why we’re giving promising scientists a kick start to their research by providing up to £125,000 for up to two years.

Through our John Goldman Fellowships we empower promising doctors and scientists to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow. Giving them the opportunity to collect the data they need to prove that their theories are viable is a crucial step towards the aim of curing leukaemia and blood cancers.

Since 2015 Leuka have awarded 18 John Goldman Fellowships.

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