Fabian Bolin launches #WarOnCancer campaign with proceeds to Leuka

01th September 2015

Leuka is delighted to be one of the charities that Fabian Bolin has chosen to support with his fundraising and awareness campaign – #WarOnCancer launched via his blog this weekend.

Fabian Bolin

Article from Fabian Bolin blog

War on Cancer – Day 57

Now, my Angels, I told you this weekend would be a big one…

Had this been 10-15 years ago, my blood cancer diagnosis would have been a death sentence. Leukaemia meant you had a couple of months left. Thanks to the progress made in cancer research, I was given a chance to survive and I grabbed it. Hence, the way I see it, is that I owe my life to cancer research. It is time for me to start giving back. I’ve been working long and hard in between treatments to secure everything and I am now finally ready launch.

Let me present to you the #WarOnCancer Wristbands. They are come in three variants; Gold, Rose Gold and Stainless Steel. They are unisex and I personally believe them to be really amazing!

You’ll find them at www.fabianbolin.com/shop

The proceeds from selling these will go to charity, and I have selected two organizations which will receive the funds;

Leuka – www.leuka.org.uk/

Barncancerfonden / The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation – www.barncancerfonden.se/

Leuka is the leading international organization for leukaemia research, and they support young scientists in the early stages of their careers within cancer research. I believe them to suit me and my mission perfectly. As I am Swedish by blood and will receive my full treatment here, funded by all of you wonderful people, I want to honor my nation by selecting a Swedish charity. You all know how deeply I feel for the poor innocent children who are being diagnosed with cancer, they deserve this even less than I do. Many are even too young to understand the hell they are going through. Hence, Barncancerfonden / The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is second charity that I will support. For the children.

The distance between dreams and reality is called action. This is my way of taking action. Now I ask you to do the same. I ask you to open your heart to this cause, and help me beat this monstrous disease. I ask you to support by wearing a #WarOnCancer Wristband proudly. Show it to the world!

Together we are mighty. Please share this post so that we can reach the hundreds of thousands! You are my Angels, and I love you! <3

Love from the Leukaemia Warrior,

// F