8 top summer fundraising ideas to support leukaemia research

small boy bursts water balloon

13th May 2018

The nights are getting longer and the snow has finally stopped. It can only mean one thing: summer is on its way! We have some great ways you can raise money for our much-needed leukaemia research, and have a whole load of fun doing it.

So if you’re not the running type, but you still want to get out there and make the most of the summer months, here’s a few fundraising ideas to get you started.

1. Hold a charity BBQ

The British Summer isn’t always conducive to a good BBQ…so when it is, you really have to make the most of it! Charge per entry to your BBQ and get some fun old-fashioned games going, like an egg and spoon race, a coconut shy, or spray paint a giant Twister ‘mat’ onto the grass!

2. Have an open-air film night

This one’s a little more complex, as you’ll have to make friends with someone who can procure a projector. But once you have that, all you’ll need is to choose a good film, string up a white sheet and wait for it to get dark! Bonus points for making some delicious popcorn to serve your guests.

3. Do a charity challenge walk

Running isn’t the only way to cover 26.2 miles for charity in London! Get a group together and tackle the new walking marathon in town that passes locations used in 26 famous films from the Italian Job to Harry Potter! And if that’s not your style, get out of the city and into the wilds of Britain with our challenge walks like the South Downs Way challenge, or the Jurassic Coast challenge.

4. Build a Slip and Slide!

If you have an area big enough, why not build a giant slip ‘n’ slide and charge per go. All it takes is a little ingenuity, a long sheet of plastic, some dish soap and water for an afternoon of fun.

5. Host a water balloon fight

Who doesn’t enjoy a good water balloon fight?! Charge per team/person to enter, or ask for donations per bag of water balloons. The driest person standing when all the balloons are gone is the winner! You can even have refreshments ready for afterwards and ask for donations for those to prolong the fun.

6. Gather the Teddy bears for a picnic

Keep your kids entertained and raise money for leukaemia research at the same time! You can go down to the woods today…or, handily, a Teddy Bear’s charity Picnic can be held indoors. Perfect British Summer fundraising..! Charge a donation to attend and make sure everyone brings their favourite teddy bear to join in the fun!

7. Get out on the Golf Course 

If you’re a golfing enthusiast you know summer is the prime time to be out on the course. Gather together your golfing pals, corner your club Captain, and get organising. If you need some inspiration, check out the brilliant Mini Masters

8. A scavenger hunt

All you need for this are a few teams and your imagination! Charge per entry, put a list together of things for people to do and find (e.g. ‘take a picture with a local busker, find 4 pink stones, photograph the funniest local signs you can, etc), give them a time to be back and watch the fun commence! Have a small prize handy for the winning team, like some delicious chocolate (and of course, the kudos of winning!)

If you're thinking of fundraising this summer for our charity, we'd love to hear from you! Contact Simona on simona.abis@leuka.org.uk or call our office on 020 7299 0722. Don't forget to download your Fundraising Pack and here are some top tips for event health and safety and advice for events involving food.